marek charytonowicz

freelance senior digital designer : photographer : craftsman

hi, i'm marek, a London-based designer, photographer and craftsman.

i tinker, design pixels, put them in motion and most of the time make them involve you in some way. along the way i lead teams, i learn and i teach what i’ve learned. i play.

London, GB

  • responsive design
  • UX
  • UI
  • crafting
  • art direction
  • typography
  • animation
  • information architecture
  • branding
  • team management

Work History

Vanquis Bank

Senior Digital Designer
March 2017 – 2 months

visionary vanguard

owner / designer / photographer / craftsmnan
December 2016 – 3 months

Adam & Eve DDB

Senior Digital Designer
August 2015 – 3 years

M&C Saatchi


M&C Saatchi

Head of Digital Design
2011 – 2 years

LIDA / M&C Saatchi

Lead Digital Designer
2009 – 2 years


We use Marek whenever we can as we know we'll always get a high quality product with him. Not only does this refer to the actual design, but also the build process as he works closely with our developers to ensure the final work is of the highest of standards.

James Fenner

Agency owner

Marek is without question one of the finest designers I have ever worked with. As a digital art director who has worked closely with him for a few years now, I can honestly say that he is reliable, intuitive, creative and efficient. He requires very little direction or management and delivers immaculate work consistently. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marek for any position he feels he is capable of filling. He is simply a pleasure to work with.

Karl Woolhouse

Senior digital art director - Freelance

Marek's Graphic Design skills seem to be inside in a bottomless pit of creative energy. His confident attitude and clear approach breeds inspiration for creation in all who work with him. His design knowledge of Flash and Photoshop is second to none, he also has an extremely good knowledge in Photography and new technologies. I have no qualms at all about highly recommending Marek.

Daniel Newman

Freelance Digital Designer

Marek is one of the most talented designers that I have ever worked with. He has a wide range of skills and seems to collect more of them on an almost daily basis. He has never failed to impress me with his great attitude and his amazing ability to transform the mundane into something really special.

David Harris

Executive Creative Director at Draftfcb

Not only is Marek a truly great designer, but he also has a deep understanding of the technologies used in developing his designs. This means that his work always looks superb and most importantly always works perfectly. It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with him and I do hope to do so again in the future.

Fergal Andrews

Freelance Senior Developer at OpenBet

Marek is always extremely busy because he’s the designer everyone wants on their job. It’s not because he’s the most obliging person (he often pushes back – which is good). It’s because of his excellent design skills combined with his immense knowledge of the digital medium.

Shaun Moran

Creative Director at Soul

Marek is not only an amazing designer, also has a great knowledge of tech and IA which makes his input in any project invaluable. He's a great leader and has put a lot of thought and effort into forming a brilliant design team. Even when working on a tedious brief, he'll find a way of adding value and making it the best job possible. It's been a pleasure working with Marek and I can honestly say I owe a big chunk of my knowledge to him.

Nina Nogulic

Digital Project Manager at M&C Saatchi

Marek is a brilliant digital designer. He brings an extra dimension to all his work. He's helpful, informative, no nonsense, but above all, creative.

Rob Steeles

Creative Director & Award-Winning Creative Copywriter.

Marek is one of the few truly talented designers who can teach the technical team a thing or two about technology! He brings very coherent solutions very, very quickly. Lots of fun to work with with bags of energy from the start of a job, right through to the most laborious bits of 'back-end' asset production. The full package as it were.

Mark Griffiths

Creative Director

Marek’s position as Head of Digital Design at M&C Saatchi has truly reflected his ability to lead a full department with absolute dedication and means by which to continually enhance the skills of his team. I have worked closely with him for nearly 6 years and am constantly amazed at his neverending enthusiasm and ability to put fresh, clean and exciting ideas into any creative work he and his team work on. Marek’s focus on detail is a key skill carried across every deliverable and it’s refreshing to work alongside such a dedicated member of the creative team. I would recommend Marek as one of the strongest design leads I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Lisel Barrett

Digital Project Director at M&C Saatchi Group

Marek is a great example of how in-depth digital knowledge and experience can be combined with very positive and down to earth attitude, it was amazing to be a part of Marek's team, a lot to learn.

Eva Petelina

Designer at M&C Saatchi

Marek is a very experienced and talented designer. His is curious, passionate, detailed, and very knowledgeable about all aspects of digital production. I have worked with him on several projects and just like his attitude the quality of the work has always been impeccable. In fact, I do not think I have ever met anyone with such dedication and work ethic. He is also a great manager, leading by example and caring about the career development of his team members. A lovely guy, and a great asset for any future employer.

Federico Valori

Digital Project Director at M&C Saatchi

It is very rare that you can say the best team player in your digital design team is actually the head of the design team, but then again Marek is not your typical designer. Not only did Marek teach me allot in what it takes to lead a multi-disciplined design team but what it takes to produce and continue produce work of the highest quality. A true creative at heart Marek is forever seeking to find the perfectly harmony between beauty, functionality, quality and simplicity. While Mareks extensive folio and list of high profile clients and achievements speak for them self, perhaps one of Marek's not so well known talents is the ability to listen and think first, and then provide creative feedback. It is in this way that Marek is able to offer a new perspective or idea that on first glance may have been overlooked. In my opinion it is this ability is what helps define the difference between a good designer and a great designer.

Ned Stevenson

Freelance Designer | Glowworm Studio

It's always reassuring to know when Marek is working on your project. Not only will everything be completed on time, but the interpretation and design will be done with expert precision and a huge amount of love. Marek takes so much care over the details and will always challenge a weak brief - something very refreshing in a world of politics and yes-men. In addition, he takes great care over his team's development, making sure they're being pushed enough to get the best out of them without killing them in the process. A very difficult balance to retain in an agency environment. Marek was an absolute pleasure to work with and I will miss him greatly.

Nicole Afek

Senior Digital Project Manager

Since joining M&C Saatchi, Marek has been key as the Head of Digital Design and on a few occasions I have had the pleasure to work alongside him on projects including the TfL campaign Stop Think Win. Marek has been able to create a balanced team, overseeing all aspects of design, as well as involving other team members for feedback and to ensure that projects are very much a team effort. A true testament to this is through pitch work where a team is always readable available to work those long hours to ensure the Hub not only completes work to the deadline at hand but to the high standards we have set ourselves under the leadership of Marek. He has a great understanding of all aspects that make up Digital, often able to find solutions in extremely tight deadlines. Added to this Marek has a key eye to detail ensuring that all aspects are looked at and not only is the design work at hand is faultless but also functional, consistently delivering work to the highest standard. There are few within the industry that are able to give valuable feedback as well as take on board your own design direction and thoughts. Marek is able to do both which makes projects at hand, regardless of their size or complexity, a enjoyable experience as well as constantly adding new skills to my own skill set. As well as being a fantastic Head of Design, Marek is also a great asset personality wise within the Digital Hub of M&C Saatchi, giving a positive vibe which reflects into the team.

Julian Esposito

Art Director and Senior Digital Designer

Marek is one of the most dedicated Designers that I have had the pleasure of working with. His passion for design and all things digital are hugely motivating, making every project an exciting opportunity. He has an extraordinary talent for absorbing a brief and then adding value by taking the designs to a complete new level, so every design he produces manages to exceed expectations. He also shows great integrity and pride in all his work, earning him respect and trust throughout the agency. He is frequently requested by Creatives, Developers and Account teams as the designer. From a PM's perspective, Marek is a God send. He is meticulous, efficient and never fails to deliver. In short, he is an amazing Designer, and would be an asset to any agency fortunate enough to have him.

Sharon To

Senior Digital Producer at Digit

Marek is one of very few designers I have come across who not only understands & appreciates the need for UX but actively utilizes the principles without the need for excessive guidance. He's most importantly an excellent designer who is able to create very engaging products within very tight constraints and unrealistic timescales. Enough said!

Robyn Waldron-Cooper

Business Analyst & UX Consultant at Microsoft

I've worked with Marek for a number of years and it's been a real pleasure. He has a meticulous eye for detail and his designs are always on point. A great understanding of technologies makes him a favourite amongst the developers.

Jon Chandler

Technical Director at M&C Saatchi

Marek is outstanding, a great designer and a great guy. A true team player with an ability to also work single handedly that is a rare combo He is a pleasure to work with, constantly looking for the next trend and to learn and I have no hesitation recomending him highly

Paul Donohue

Delivery Director at Ogilvy & Mather

Working with Marek on all things digital is not only a pleasure but also very enlightening. Never content with simply rolling out any old design, he is meticulous in his approach and asks all the right questions before even getting started. This ensures that there is thought behind everything he produces which in turn means that the client never fails to be impressed with the results. Always at the forefront of the very latest design trends you can be sure that work he produces is absolutely bang on brief.

Lorenzo Guernieri

Head of Digital Production at Leo Burnett

I think these are the qualities which Marek has. He has most amazing understanding of the job he is designing to, great understanding of the client and brand, always pleasant, great to work with and highly respected by all his colleagues. Without exxagarating Marek is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with and one which will always get the job done on time and always with the highest quality. He is also a true perfectionist... Apart from knowing all things in design, he is great at helping out his colleagues. Prior to LIDA getting a head of design, I believe Marek was managing the online design team at LIDA with no authority but simply with knowledge and seniority. I look forward to working with him again, he is one of the best out there.

Mat Agbaba

Digital Delivery Consultant with a UX background - Currently PD at adam&eveDDB

Marek's design skills are second to none, he is clean, fast, creative and has a wide scale of flexibility. He is strong at working with developers and optimising his designs for each medium and he has a superior knowledge of UE, more so than most UE guys I've come across. He is great at working with creative teams to help them understand the capabilities of mediums for individual ideas and always takes the time to offer up thought out solutions to any issues that might come up. Marek spends a lot of time practising his trade and building his skill set, and he is always generous with sharing his knowledge. As well as having all the efficiency a Producer looks for in a designer, he also has the ability to capture a unique beauty in each piece he works on - his body of work is a pleasure to look at.

Sian Kelly Guy

Snr. Digital Project Manager at The Marketing Store