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Eoghan O'Keeffe

Code ~ creative ~ art


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Getting me on your project just got easier.

Code ~ creative ~ art

I'm into creative, cognitive challenges...
Experiment with tech, science, maths, and art...
Develop real-time graphics, games, apps, web...
Aim for new spaces; useful work; striking experiences...

I'm also into...
Travel, aim to be nomadic...
Learning, challenges, others' perspectives...
Music, gigs, festivals, theatre, film, comedy...
Art, drawing, exhibitions...
Conversation, reading, debate... Football, parkour...

Aim to join the themes of art and code...
Learn by adapting across disciplines...
Explore emerging technology and the changes they bring to our culture (AI, information, interfaces).

_BSc 1:1_


Art and technology - combined work and background.
↝ art, commissions, contests
↝ coding, games dev, physics, BSc 1:1
↝ web dev, graphics, hardware,
↝ creative technology director @ B-Reel
↝ freelance code ~ creative ~ art @
↝ travel


Interactive music video for Max Cooper's Emergence.
Visuals concept/dev ↝

[Gorillaz x Jaguar]
Crossover AR, VR game and challenges app.
Creative Technology Director ↝ B-Reel

[CALM Torch Songs]
Audio-reactive visuals ↝

[Google Chromecast - Own The Ice]
Lead front-end dev ↝ +rehabstudio

[Google Live Cases]
Front-end dev, proto ↝ +rehabstudio

London, GB


WebGL, GLSL, JavaScript, Physics, CSS, Creative Tech, Tech Director, Audio Visual, Realtime Graphics, Game Development

Work History


Creative Technology Director

April 2017 – October 2017

epok (self)

Code ~ creative ~ art

April 2015 – May 2018


Front End Developer

January 2013 – April 2017