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Christina Katsantoni

Digital Copywriter at Direct Line Group/ Digital Aficionado/ Creative Professional

Personal Service Company

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Using words to shape people’s lives, reinventing and replacing the concepts and the meanings they're familiar with new ones is something I have always enjoyed doing. What do I do exactly? Conceptual thinking, copy strategy, creative and digital copy writing, digital storytelling.


I can do basic HTML and CSS, in-depth proofreading and editing, support design teams on various digital projects, train copy interns and lead junior copywriters, desk research on cultural organisations, source content for blogs, website, emails etc., engage in email marketing, manage and organise networking sessions, archiving, filing, ordering new material and periodical titles for a library (university level).

United Kingdom


Integrated Copywriting, Digital Copywriting, UX Copywriting, Microcopy, Editing, Digital Publishing with InDesign, TV & Radio Commercial Writing, Script writing, Storytelling, B2B Writing, Conceptualising Events, Above-the-line and Below-the Line Creative Strategy, Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults, Translating English to Greek/Greek to English

Work History

Direct Line Group


She was one of my best copywriters! I hope one day she will be back!

Theodosis Papanikolaou, Executive Creative Director at BBDO Greece

Christina is a fantastic and incredibly committed copywriter, who can bring even the most bland of subjects into life. Whether writing for a corporate website, a more casual internal memo, or a user guide, her words will draw you in, and make you want to pay real attention to what is being said - from beginning to end. She combines an immense creativity, with a visibly vast experience, which make her work a true delight. Her passion and perseverance are remarkable, and she is always eager and patient in sharing her expertise. It's been a joy having Christina as a co-worker, and I would look forward to working with her again.

Marta Leal, Co-Founder & UI Designer at A Tasca

Christina is a pleasure to work with. She has high integrity and I would put her in front of my ex-colleagues knowing her would deliver and produce a high standard writing.

GEORGIOS MARDAS, Senior Graphic Designer Director/Creative Enthusiast

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