Andrew Sabatier

Brand Identity Specialist

I’m a senior brand creative working across visual and verbal identity. I draw on the known and familiar and build future possibilities into brand experiences. By combining analysis and intuition I help uncover and put to work the uniqueness of a proposition. I value original thinking above all and always look to forge sustainable, insight-oriented partnerships with like-minded professionals. If you appreciate high concept realisations and relish a challenge, you might do well to explore the possibility of working with me...

London, GB


Branding, Naming

Visual and verbal brand identity skills

Work History

GOOD Agency

September 2016

GOOD Agency

Brand Identity Specialist
September 2016 – September 2016


Logical magician (or should that be magical logician), wisdom-thirsty self-confessed brand man, Andrew strikes a blow for coherence in a chaotic world. A grand master of immaculate conception. And a lovely chap, which is important.

Neil Chappell, Creative Director, Breakfast